mikebrinerphotography.com: Image Licensing

Up to ¼ page $500-$800 and up

¼ to ½ page $800-$1,250 and up

½ to 1 full page (including backgrounds) $1,250 and up.

Pricing is indicated for a one (1) year license.  Discounts are available for longer term use.  Prices will apply for both Commercial Use and Social Media for a single use of one image. Social media use  is allowed with license my copyright information present on the image and post:  

Retail, Product & Packaging, and stock license license quotes are based on several criteria.

What media will the image be used for?

Magazine, book, Website, CD Cover, product packaging, mug, calendar, puzzle?

How large is your distribution area?

Local, Regional, National, International

What is the size of the print run?

1-1,000?, 10,000?, 100,000?, 1,000,000? etc.

Which image is to be used?

How many uses of the image will there be?

What size will the image be in the finished product?

1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 full page, double page spread, cover or inside use, brochure, magazine, book, billboard, Website etc.

How long will you need the image license for?

1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years etc.

Please provide the information above for a licensing quote.  No rights are granted until payment is received in full.  IMAGE USE IS NOT ALLOWED WITHOUT A LICENSE